IV84538: Dependent list not showing on editable queries

Dependent list values do not show on editable queries unless the parent list is present and made editable as well. We have a custom process where the admin user is setting up the parent list value, and the end user can only select the child list values under the specific parent list that the admin provided. The user is updating the child list values from an editable query section.

The issue we have is, the child list won’t display any list values on the editable query unless the parent list is added to the query and also made editable on the query. Just FYI, we have tried using classifications as a workaround, but a classification has its own limitations on an editable query too (e.g. the drop-down takes too much space, not user friendly; also, the parent filter won’t work on an editable query). We don’t need the classification part fixed as we won’t use it anyway.

However, we do need the dependent list fixed, so we can restrict the user to update the child list only. Right now, they can edit both the parent list and child list, which means users are given access to fields they shouldn’t have access to, and this is making our auditing very difficult and will cause data inconsistency in the future. We need it fixed, so that on the editable query, the child list drop-down shows the expected values when the parent list is read-only on the query.

We needed to add logic to fix a runtime issue with dependent lists in an editable query. Moving forward, the user is now able to select values in the dependent list when the parent list is non-editable in an editable query.

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