Why doesn’t Security Manager show a new state transition?

I created a new state transition in a BO and added it to a form. But when I go into the Security Manager and try to grant access, I didn’t see it listed there. The TRIRIGA platform is on 3.5, but the application is still on 10.4. I didn’t create a new state, only a new state transition in a BO, found it on the form, and added it. I cleared the cache, but it still doesn’t show up in the Security Manager. Can anyone help?

I tried it with creating just the state transition, added it in a form, and published the form. I went to the Security Manager and I do see the new state transition, at the module level as well as the form level. I tried it in a OOB environment. Here are the steps I performed:

  • 1. Add a new state transition in triBuilding BO: triDraft-GotoActive-triActive.
  • 2. Publish the BO.
  • 3. Open the triBuilding GUI and revise it. Click on the State Transition tab.
  • 4. On the State Transition tab, find the new state transition, and add it. Save the State Transition.
  • 5. Click on the Layout tab and publish the form. You need to publish the form for the changes to be reflected.
  • 6. Open the Security Manager and click on one of the groups. Click the Access tab and click on the Location node as well as the triBuilding node.

I see the new state transition in the list. I didn’t even clear the cache during the process.

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