Building IoT startups are rewriting the rules

From: Building Internet of Things Startups Are Rewriting The Rules, FacilitiesNet

While startups are not the only source of Building IoT solutions — technology giants and incumbent building product manufacturers are also important players — the mushrooming number of new companies is bringing a wide range of fresh options to market. In many cases, those technologies don’t fall into familiar categories. Instead of controls, for example, the facility manager may be considering cloud-based platforms that offer data aggregation and analytics. What’s more, even among platforms, a quick survey of options will show a wide variation, with some designed to crunch numbers to provide better visibility of key performance parameters, some offering a degree of control as well as data visualization, and some tied to hardware like sensors…

One worry about startups is the risk that the company ultimately won’t make it. Even the startups themselves admit that’s a legitimate concern. The question is this: How should facility managers evaluate both the company and the product to decide if the benefits of the technology outweigh the risk that the startup will fail?

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