How do you upload spaces with “holes” using CAD Integrator?

In a related wiki: Only one gross area allowed per drawing.

In order to support multiple gross boundaries in a “single” boundary, you would create a single polyline, but join the two areas by connecting with a single line.  Similarly, you can use this idea to create a polyline with a “hole” in it (in order to subtract the areas).  However, you may find that the resulting figure is not detected on upload… Here, the Room 801 is not being detected… what happened?

Due to technical reasons, CAD Integrator uses a ray casting algorithm in order to determine that “Room 801” lies within the polyline.  In most cases, this involves shooting a ray directly to the right from the insertion point of the text entity.  Normally, the ray casting will determine that there is an odd number of lines intersecting (e.g. if shooting the ray up from 801, 3, down, 1, left 1).  However, since we have the “extra” line segment to the right of the text, we fail to determine that this text entity is within the polyline.  In general, the easiest way to fix this is to move the text entity…

Note that on some drawings, the ray will not be sent to the right. But in general, moving the text entity to the other side of the extra line will resolve this issue.

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.22.17 post in the IBM TRIRIGA forum about regions and gross areas with “holes”.]

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