PlanetRisk and Tango join forces to provide CrimeRisk scoring

PlanetRisk, a leader in risk intelligence and analytics, and Tango, the leader in Strategic Store Lifecycle Management solutions, have partnered to help retailers and restaurant companies better understand the localized risks of criminal behavior and use that data to better inform real estate strategy.

CrimeRisk(SM) is an innovative solution for identifying and predicting risk in precise geographic pockets and minimizing losses due to crimes against persons and property. CrimeRisk(SM) provides retailers access to accurate and targeted crime scoring data, offering deeper insights into local crime levels, crime trends, and crime forecasting to better inform real estate market planning and site selection decisions…

Tango’s backbone of predictive analytics integrated with robust field-deployed mapping technology delivers intelligence to the site selection process, ensuring retailers pursue and execute on the best locations…

[Admin: This post is related to the 05.19.16 post by Tango about its extended partnership with UberMedia to offer their SiteImpact™ solution.]

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