Does TRIRIGA support lease payments in multiple currencies?

Does TRIRIGA support the following scenario?

  • One lease has payments in both Euros and (Swedish) Krona.
  • Individual payments need to be done in their respective currencies.
  • Approvals for the lease should be done by Euro equivalents.
  • Reports should show Euro equivalents.

I’ve seen where one can set exchange rates and currency for a lease, but not where you can have a lease use multiple payment currencies. Many thanks for any input.

Out of the box, the scenario mentioned is not supported. It is not possible to have 2 payment schedules with different currencies with in the same lease. The currency for the dependent object (payment schedules, payment line items, etc.) is mapped from the parent object (in this case, lease) and there is no provision to change the currency of the dependent objects (UOM field is read only).

You can log a request for enhancement (RFE) along with the supporting business scenario with product management. I am assuming this scenario will be more prominent in countries that support Euro and local currency. 

Since it is mentioned that the payments are done in individual currencies, one option that you can consider is to create 2 different leases representing 2 currencies. One for reporting in Euro and the other to keep track in Krona. Hope this helps.

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