How do you block the DXF option for all CAD Integrator users?

Our customer wants to publish information from the CAD drawings to TRIRIGA, but without generating the DXF file. He considers that graphic information to be confidential for all users. I know that it’s possible for a user to decide to publish or not publish the DXF, but is there a way to block that option for all users, in order to be sure that no DXF files are generated?

DXF is used to publish the floor plan into the TRIRIGA system. Without publishing DXF, you will not have floor plan graphics for use with the floor and spaces. It is not possible to disable the floor plan publish command in CAD Integrator. However, the only people that would have access to that command have access to the original drawing. The TRIRIGA system does not allow a user to access the DXF, only the resulting graphic image. If you don’t want floor plan graphics available it will be the responsibility of the CAD Integrator users to not publish the floor plan.

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