IV84897: Email notification does not use the CC field as expected

The email notifications sent out from TRIRIGA includes all the recipients in the To section, even if the Notification record created shows email addresses in the CC section. While creating the Notification record, the Source mapping is performed holding multiple people records in the external mail CC section. If you create a notification and set a To and a CC user, and send it (with a single email set), the email goes to each user separately and they are not included in the single email in the CC line.

We needed to separated recipients into To, CC, and BCC in messages sent via a workflow. Moving forward, email notifications constructed by a workflow with CC and BCC email addresses associated to the email will now send the emails as expected. Before, all emails in the message were considered as recipients, and sent an individual email notification. Now, email notifications will be sent to all users specified in the “mail To” mapping in the workflow, and CC and BCC copies will be sent to the emails with a “mail CC” and “mail BCC” mapping, respectively.

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