Why aren’t images replicated among multiple app servers?

Sometimes, customers find that images are created in one record, such as the employee record, in one of the application servers, but not on the other servers. Although all of the other information in the records are replicated just fine between servers, no images appear in one or more of the application servers.

This occurs in any TRIRIGA environment up to 3.4.2.x with 2 or more application servers, because the images are stored in the userfiles/images or userfiles/Company-1 directories on the application server. The workaround is to replicate the file system between the servers. The best scenario is to upgrade the platform to 3.5.0 or later. In 3.5.0, the images were moved to the database, so there is no need to replicate the file system. This is stated in the 10.5.0 Release Notes.

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