Why is the query performance taking a long time to run?

The performance of TRIRIGA is a bit complex and there is no one thing that can be done to improve performance. Performance can be impacted by hardware, network connectivity, software versions, queries, and indexes. But there are some things that can be reviewed to help point you in the right direction for where to look and what to do. If the performance of queries is taking a long time to run, this can impact the ability to use TRIRIGA…

Performance issues can have many causes: hardware, network connectivity, software versions, queries and indexes to name a few. Some things like hardware and network connectivity are out of our control and need to be reviewed by your own IT department. But we do provide a list of minimum hardware requirements that TRIRIGA should be running on.

To help diagnose the problem, TRIRIGA has performance logs that can be enabled, retrieved and analyzed. There is a wiki page that describes the process of enabling the performance log files as well as analyzing them, which can be found hereThe wiki will walk you through how to enable the performance log and then analyze the output. In case of performance concerns, TRIRIGA administrators should ALWAYS review the best practices to ensure they are following the recommendations before entering a PMR. The wiki regarding Performance can be found here.

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the Watson IoT Support blog. This post is related to the 11.06.14 post about the updated Performance section of the IBM TRIRIGA wiki, and the 07.17.15 post about the performance areas you should consider when building TRIRIGA applications.]

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