ValuD: A SaaS-y look at software as a service with TRIRIGA

You have a lot of choices when you look at software systems, but one of the most pressing these days is should you host the system on-premise, or should you use a Software as a Service (SaaS) model? With a software system as robust as IBM TRIRIGA, the decision can be a tough one if you don’t know exactly what the SaaS model entails.

IBM TRIRIGA is offered both on-premise and in a single-tenant SaaS solution. A single-tenant SaaS subscription offers users their own database and instance of the software application, where your company can uniquely configure the system to meet your needs without having to employ an entire team to manage software upkeep and issues.

TRIRIGA SaaS is secure.

Security for SaaS systems is always a topic of concern, as users don’t have the visibility they receive with an on-premise solution. Users can rest assured however, because the system is hosted in IBM owned and operated IBM SoftLayer data centers and support is provided by IBM staff.

TRIRIGA SaaS can save you money.

Choosing to go with the SaaS model of IBM TRIRIGA offers a much more cost effective option than a traditional on-premise solution. First of all, the low monthly cost of a SaaS subscription is typically treated as an operating expense, not a capital expense, and can be written off immediately…

There is no catch.

SaaS for IBM TRIRIGA is a great way to get up and running in the system for a low cost without much additional work needed. The only deterrent for a SaaS system would be if your organization required heavy customization…

[Admin: This post is related to the 08.17.16 post by ValuD, and the 02.25.16 post about using SaaS to transform your corporation.]

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