How do you replace custom Excel sections in TRIRIGA 3.5.x?

I have some general questions about Excel sections in TRIRIGA 3.5.x… Here’s the situation. Our client has a very customized Excel section that they’re still currently using, and we’re starting to look at what will be involved in replacing it. Here are the questions:

  • 1) Are there any approved procedures, road maps, or best practices for replacing custom Excel sections in TRIRIGA?
  • 2) What has TRIRIGA itself done when replacing any OOB functionality that previously used the Excel sections? Was everything simply redeveloped directly into the BOs, forms, and used extended formulas? Or were other approaches also used? If so, what were they?
  • 3) Does anyone have any instances where they have successfully replaced custom Excel sections with something other than a straight BO and form redevelopment approach? Perhaps a third-party spreadsheet tool? Workflow Distill and Populate actions?

Unfortunately, Excel sections are no longer supported with IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.4.2 or beyond.  The Office Web Components (OWC), which the Excel sections technology was based on, is no longer a supported Microsoft technology in the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer that platform version 3.4.2 works with, and the section simply fails to load any longer because of Microsoft’s deprecation of support in modern browsers.  I have provided some clarity on the specific questions you ask…

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