How do you use a TRIRIGA helper object to create notifications?

I am trying to better understand the concept of using a helper object in order to create notifications, and I have some questions:

  • 1) The receivers of the notifications: I read that the people records have to be associated with the notification helper record inside the workflow by using the “Notify” association and I implemented it… How does TRIRIGA distinguish which users are supposed to receive the notification through this association? How can I define a specific user or users or user group to receive the notifications? It seems as if I have no control at the moment on who is receiving them.
  • 2) The variables triInput*TX of the mapping in the helper object: While I can successfully display the mapped variables 1-8 in the notification content message, for some reason the 9th variable always displays the triIdTX field (meaning the ID of the notification content message), no matter if I map the variable to a field or not!
  • 3) triLinkedRecordTX field in the mapping: I know that by mapping this field to “source”, at the end of the notification, a hyperlink with the instruction of clicking to open the related record is added. Is it possible to modify this text or instruction, as well as the actual hyperlink address (in other words, modify the template used to create this part)?

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