How do you submit a SAML request for enhancement (RFE)?

Configuring secured SAML with WebSphere requires web pages to be protected. The design of the TRIRIGA application does not currently allow you to set up the EAR or WAR (depending on TRIRIGA platform release) to include web page protection. The ability to protect the web pages in this manner would require a major change in the TRIRIGA platform, so this would not be viewed as a defect, but as an enhancement.

So, what can I do to get this level of security? Your best option is to check the Request For Enhancement (RFE) site to see if someone has already requested that this be required in a future release. If an RFE exists, vote for it. The more votes an RFE has, the more likely it is to be included in a future release. If an RFE does not exist, create one and be sure to go to the Service Management Connect (SMC) forum and solicit votes for your enhancement request. Below is information about the RFE process that I provide to customers when a PMR leads to this sort of issue…

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