IV84871: Non-Admin user gets error when running query

If all three of the following conditions are true:

  • A user belongs to out-of-box security groups such as TRIRIGA RE Abstractor Manager and TRIRIGA RE Contract Manager.
  • The system organization in these groups has been changed from being blank to “\Organizations”.
  • 500 or more organizations exist, as shown by running an SQL statement such as “select count(*) from M_ORGANIZATION;”.

Then users may find that navigating to Home > Contracts > Leases > RE Contracts > Leases, and clicking RE Contact > Leases in the “Related Links – Contract Leases” portal section results in an error like the following:

An Error Occurred. Contact your System Administrator. — [MID-2147953803]

Two workarounds for this problem are as follows:

  • Add the user (having the problem) to the Admin Group, in addition to the groups that the user already belongs to, after making sure that the Admin Group’s System Organization has not also been changed and set to “\Organizations”.
  • Clear any System Organization values set in the out-of-box groups that the user (having this problem) belongs to.

With large Organization and Geography trees, the number of records added to a query was too large for the database to handle. Moving forward, we resolved an issue with systems that have more than 500 organizations, and system organization level security configured on the security group.

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