How do you troubleshoot a report that doesn’t return data?

Here’s a tip for troubleshooting a TRIRIGA system report that is not returning data as expected. You can follow the steps below to see if the SQL returns data:

  • 1. In the TRIRIGA application, click Tools > Report Manager, or simply click My Reports. From here, you will see the following tabs: My Reports, Community, System Reports, and Administration.
  • 2. Choose the System Reports tab and search for the report that you need to troubleshoot by clicking on the report title. The report will open in a new window.
  • 3. Once the report is open in the new window, you will see multiple tabs across the top. One of these tabs will be labeled Advanced. Click on the Advanced tab, and on the top right, you will see some buttons to Run Report, Save, etc. Under these buttons you will see links that you can click. One of these links is labeled Export Sql.
  • 4. Click the Export Sql link and a popup window will come up with options to open or save the file. You can do either of these. If you save the file, make a note of where you saved it and what you named it, since you will have to find it for the next step. Once you have the SQL for the report that you are troubleshooting, you can log out of the TRIRIGA application.
  • 5. Now, log in to the TRIRIGA Administrator Console to test the SQL that you captured from the TRIRIGA database. Once logged into the Admin Console, choose Database Query Tool from the list of managed objects on the left of the screen.
  • 6. Now, copy the SQL you saved or opened, click in the SQL Query section of the screen, and then right-click to paste it.
  • 7. Once the query is pasted into the SQL Query section of the window, click the Run Query link at the top of the window. If the SQL returns data, it will be visible just below the Rows to Return.

If the report SQL does not return data, then there is no data for the report to display. Add data and test the report again. The report should display data if the SQL returns data. If the SQL returns data, but the report does not display data, this is likely a report problem. To troubleshoot this case, refer to the information available online or contact Support.

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the IBM Support Portal and Watson IoT Support blog.]

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