Recipe: How do you use EnOcean sensors with Watson IoT RTI to create TRIRIGA work tasks?

For example, let’s say that a new System Administrator joins the company and needs to inspect the server room. The System Admin presses the switch on the door of the server room. Based on the pressed action, an event is generated from the switch sensor, which is connected to the IBM Watson IoT Platform. The IBM Watson IoT Real-Time Insights (RTI) analytics server captures the event in real time and alerts the Facility Manager for the server room. Based on the validation, the Facility Manager provides server room access to the System Admin and closes the work task in IBM TRIRIGA.


  • 1. EnOcean sensors.
  • 2. EnOcean smart gateway and software.
  • 3. IBM Watson IoT Platform and Real-Time Insights (RTI).
  • 4. TRIRIGA server (Version 10.5).


  • 1. Set up the EnOcean sensor and configure it with the EnOcean smart gateway.
  • 2. Create the EnOcean sensors as the devices, and the EnOcean smart gateway as the gateway in the IBM Watson IoT Platform.
  • 3. After the devices and gateways are registered, send the event and check the heartbeat of the sensors in the IBM Watson IoT Platform.
  • 4. Configure the Real-Time Insights (RTI) service to capture the EnOcean sensor events and feed the RTI rule for server room permission in TRIRIGA.
  • 5. Configure the custom REST in TRIRIGA using OSLC, Report Query, and Portal Builder.


[Admin: This post is related to the 03.23.16 post about using Real-Time Insights with TRIRIGA work orders to close a fridge door, and the 03.08.16 post about configuring a Watson IoT app on Bluemix to create TRIRIGA work orders. To see other related posts, use the Recipe tag or EnOcean tag.]

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