ValuD: Where is the definitive mobile solution for TRIRIGA?

Consider this scenario: Bill is one of the service technicians of Company X. He is always on the go making site visits in his client’s premises while still trying to complete the work tasks assigned to him by his manager, on time. Company X uses IBM TRIRIGA, the leading real estate and facility management IWMS solution available in the market today…

While on the move, Bill’s manager is unable to assign work tasks to him or any of the other service technicians nor can he track their statuses. Similarly, Bill and his fellow technicians are also not able to update the status of their work tasks and are unable to get intimations on their assigned service requests…

Is there a solution?

A closer look at the problems faced by Company X will reveal that streamlining the business process flow is the need of the hour…

So what’s the hold-up?

There have been quite a few attempts industry-wide to create mobile solutions for but the results have, at best, been mixed…

What can be done?

It’s no surprise that the best solution would be a mobile application that not only seeks to plug these above mentioned issues but also is comprehensive enough to bridge the gap between field work and desktop. A general framework for such a definitive solution should ideally comprise the following…

So, is there a resolution in sight for the issues faced by Bill and his organization? Will the RE/FM industry and its players be able to come up with a definitive answer that will not only plug the various issues that have been plaguing IBM TRIRIGA users but also be wide-ranging enough to offer the various features that is demanded of such a solution?

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