Planon: Do IoT “things” fall under the category of “assets”?

Traditionally, an asset is defined as property owned by a company or individual that has value. There used to be a more straightforward understanding of what items fit under that definition, but nowadays it seems it’s becoming more dependent on the role you play within your organization and what your organisation is trying to accomplish…

New research points to this expanding list of “things” that now fall under the “asset” category. According to Gartner research titled, “Top 10 IoT technologies for 2017 and 2018,” long-lived “things” that were once regarded as nontrivial have started to require management and monitoring. Gartner states “this includes device monitoring, for example, are devices still alive, are they connected, and what is their battery status?”

Advances in new devices in the workplace like sensors that can help measure the occupancy rate of a workspace or meeting room fall under this category. As my colleague pointed out, even rat traps with their technological advances fall under this category…

The industry is catching on that even these untraditional “things” are becoming drivers of competition, and it’s exciting to see companies acknowledge that these types of assets require time, effort, and money to manage and maintain as well…

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