What is the reason for using an ECM and not Document Manager?

I have worked in the TRIRIGA application for the past 5 years, functionally and technically. I have not seen any clients using external applications to manage documents through the interface. Recently, in my organization, there have been a lot of conversations going around about using an external application for document management.

Is there anyone else who uses an external system to manage documents from TRIRIGA? If yes, can you please help me understand the reason for going with an external application, instead of using the out-of-box features from TRIRIGA? What are all of the limitations in TRIRIGA document management?

It’s not uncommon to manage documents in an external system like FileNet or Documentum and then link TRIRIGA to that (either as a mirror or pass-thru). The primary reason is that the aforementioned solutions are actual Enterprise Content Management systems; they were designed and built with the core mission of enterprise document management on very large scales. TRIRIGA is an IWMS solution that happens to provide some internal document management capabilities, but it’s not intended to meet or exceed the capabilities of a purpose-built ECM solution.

So in cases where you’re managing millions of potential documents (even tens of thousands, to be honest), you’ll likely be better served using an ECM solution as the source of storage and management for that content. It’s not that there’s any specific line in the sand or limitation for TRIRIGA document management capabilities, but depending on your goals you may find that integrating TRIRIGA with a true ECM solution will better meet your requirements. Other people will be able to access those systems without TRIRIGA access, you can control security independent of TRIRIGA, you’re not loading up the TRIRIGA DB schema with gigs of content, etc.

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.13.16 post about uploading 6500 locations with several attachments each.]

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3 thoughts on “What is the reason for using an ECM and not Document Manager?

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