How do you find the unassigned space in a CAD drawing?

After uploading a drawing in CAD Integrator, we are using the Total Unassigned Space field on the Area Measurements tab of the Floor form in TRIRIGA to validate that we have all of the space accounted for. Often times, we have significant unassigned space and have to go back to the drawing and search for discrepancies. Sometimes, the problems are apparent, but other times, it is very difficult to determine exactly where the problem is. Does anyone have a secret method of easily flushing out discrepancies that result in unassigned space?

The Child Record dialog can help identify attached vs. unattached spaces after Smart Attach (if the spaces already exist in the system). If the spaces do not exist in the system yet, and you’re relying on Smart Attach to create them as well as attach the plines, then CI will be using the layers you specify to identify what should be uploaded. So one thing to ensure is that when you search for text to upload in Smart Attach, you note and resolve any errors first.

For example, text that’s not in a boundary, or boundaries with no text, CI will let you know about these issues prior to upload. If you think you’ve resolved these and something still seems off, you could run a report with very bright, apparent solid hatching to look for gaps where space is not being adequately covered (and thus not attached). You may find it’s a common pattern in your drawings, for example, some plines on another layer, or plines not drawn to the center wall and accounting for all the space, etc.

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