UX: How do you fix file conflicts due to WebViewSync issues?

I have had a few issues with WebViewSync losing the connection to the TRIRIGA server with the following exception… I suspect this is due to local networking issues. However, when either pushing the files or starting the sync process again, I often get a conflict on the file I’m working on… I have found the easiest way to resolve these conflicts is to:

  • 1. Log in to the TRIRIGA application.
  • 2. Go to Tools > Web View Designer.
  • 3. Open the Web View you’re working on.
  • 4. Find the file with which you’re having problems. (In my case, it’s floor-plan.html. Either modify the query to add filters, or set it to show 1,000 records and CTRL+F for the filename.)
  • 5. Open the file.
  • 6. Select More > Delete. (This will delete it from the TRIRIGA server.)
  • 7. Restart the sync service or push the file back to the server.

This has reliably resolved all conflicts in my experience.

You can try adding the view again when you encounter conflicts. This should resolve conflicts the next time any of the files in your application is synced. Here’s a sample command to do it: java -jar WebViewSync.jar addview -v myCustom-view -s

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