How do you have multiple TRIRIGA instances with one WAS profile?

Our customer wants to install multiple TRIRIGA environments on the same physical server, using WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Network Deployment (ND) within the same WAS profile.

But there is an annoying problem. When we launch a new installation, the WAS application (named IBM-TRIRIGA_Build-<building number>) will be reinstalled and the TRIRIGA application will be detached from the application server of the other instance. For the simple reason that the application name was the same for each installation and was installed under the same WAS profile.

There are two solutions in my mind:

  • 1. Install one TRIRIGA instance per WAS profile. So we won’t have the problem of duplicated application names, and the TRIRIGA instances are completely independent of each other.
  • 2. After standalone installation, uninstall the original WAS application, modify the <TRIRIGA_HOME>\was-build.xml by adding a prefix to the “” property. Then launch “ant install-was” to deploy the renamed EAR manually.

Are there any arguments to define the application name during installation? As a newbie, I need your opinion. Any suggestion would be appreciated!

[Admin: This post is related to the 02.16.16 post about multiple TRIRIGA instances on the same physical server.]

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