Having an issue with drawings reprocessed during upgrade

When a client attempts to view the graphics for which a CAD drawing has been applied to a given record, the client sees an error in the lower-right side of the screen (Error 2, for example). Clicking on it shows the MID number that references an entry in the server.log file. An error appears on the screen and the following error appears in the log:

2016-03-19 02:02:36,710 WARN [com.tririga.platform.graphics.vector.drawing.XRefResolver](Default Executor-thread-4) Problem resolving XRef "DrawingFileName" for drawing: Drawing ID=5291 ContentID=319130 Path='DirectoryPath' Updated=2016-03-19 02:02:36.0 PV=174792. Error: com.tririga.platform.persistence.PersistenceException: Error executing sql: Sql[SQL=select * from DRAWING_DATA where DWG_ID=4142 and DWG_OBJ_TYPE=2,DB transaction ID=(None)][MID-1222218782]

Multiple issues may result in this problem during the upgrade process, so there is no single cause that can be identified, other than the problem occurs during the upgrade process. During the upgrade process, drawings are reprocessed. As mentioned, a large number of issues can be the source of this issue, but the common thread is that they failed during the reprocessing portion of the upgrade.

To see the problem, review the initial server.log file from the initial startup after an upgrade has been performed. If you see a warning regarding the reprocessing of a drawing, you are likely running into this issue. To resolve the problem, go to the Admin Console, navigate to Database Manager and choose the “Reprocess Published Drawings” action. This should resolve the majority, if not all, of the drawings that failed to reprocess properly during the upgrade process.

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