How do you set up a notification workflow with external mail?

According to the release notes for 10.5:

“A new ‘External Mail From’ smart section is added to Notification BO and Form. The smart section is defined against triPeopleLink BO. The Notification workflow should be setup so that this section will be populated with the sender (From user) information. Also the email notification will look like it is coming from the user who sent it instead of the TRIRIGA System. (Tri-168369)”

When I perform a “Where Used” on the name and email fields in this section, it shows that they are not being used by any workflows. In other words, the section has been added to the notification form, but is not currently being populated from anywhere.

Does anybody know if this is working as designed? The wording of the release note is a bit ambiguous. I’m not sure if “the workflow should be set up” means we are supposed to configure this ourselves, or if it should be working OOB. Any guidance is much appreciated!

For this new feature to be implemented, any Notification workflow that sends an email will need to be modified to populate the sender (From user). The “From user” is not set by default.

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