Why do the lines that connect associated objects look broken?

When reviewing the Associations tab, the lines connecting the associated objects were not solid or intact. There were broken lines in the SVG view of the Associations tab on a workflow. The lines connecting the objects were sometimes not fully intact.

The rendering of native scalable vector graphics (SVG) is handled on the client side in the client’s web browser. Different browsers render the native SVG files in different ways, which can result in the same SVG file looking different depending on the browser chosen.

If you review the same SVG file in different browsers that support native SVG rendering, you can see visual differences in how some SVG files are rendered. To resolve the problem, change to a different browser, if possible, that renders native SVG in a way that better meets your requirements. Otherwise, open a support ticket with the browser support organization.

[Admin: The same article is also posted in the Watson IoT Support blog.]

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