Can you clarify the best practice for revising OOB BOs and forms?

So I’m relatively new to TRIRIGA development. I’m doing some basic development of just adding new fields via Data Modeler and displaying them on the forms. However, I’ve come across some TRIRIGA development rule about the prefix and suffix of certain data elements. So I just want to clarify what I did.

  • 1. I revised the triBuilding business object and added a new field called “cstBuildingCodeTX”. Published.
  • 2. I revised the triBuilding form and added that new field “cstBuildingCodeTX” to the screen. Published. (Note: I made a copy of the original triBuilding form and titled it “BackuptriBuilding”. This way, I could always compare this original to the changes I made to the updated triBuilding form.)

Is this best practice? If not, what should have I done instead? Also, we recently upgraded to 3.5.1 and read that there is some type of revision tracking instead? Thanks in advance.

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.10.16 post about object labels and revisions.]

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