How do you display the ID field from the classification?

Is it possible to display the ID and Description fields from the classification when the user clicks on the lookup of the field? For example:

  • 1. I’ve created a new classification business object. I’ve referenced this classification to a new (CL) field in another business object.
  • 2. I’ve added the new CL field to a form.
  • 3. I’ve navigated to the form, and clicked on the new CL field. The lookup only displays the Name value from the classification. However, the user always wants to see the ID and Description from the classification record in the lookup?

Otherwise, if the lookup display only shows Name of the classification, is it possible to crossover (or rewire) the ID value of the classification to the field, instead of the Name value? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

First, you’ll need to create the query with the filtering and display that you want. Then, in the Form Builder, you can define a lookup query for the classification field.

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