Why should you consider Liberty over traditional WebSphere?

WebSphere Liberty is a lightweight version of traditional WebSphere. It does not have nearly as much overhead, nor does it require a dedicated team to install, run, and support, like its bigger brother. The beauty of Liberty is that comes with TRIRIGA and is very easy to install! Not to mention it does not take long to install compared to traditional WebSphere. The TRIRIGA installer includes Liberty so when you run the TRIRIGA install, you have the option to install Liberty without any additional files. When you select Liberty in TRIRIGA, it makes the process seamless. There is no console to worry about. Liberty has all that TRIRIGA needs to run. After the install is complete, all you do is start up a batch file and you are up and running.

I bet you might be wondering: I need to use traditional WebSphere because we are using SSO and I may not be able to use Liberty. Not so! You are able to configure TRIRIGA 3.4.2 and greater on Liberty with Microsoft IIS and Active Directory. For details on that, let me direct you to this wiki page: TRIRIGA on WebSphere Liberty — SSO with IIS and AD.

Can Liberty be set up as a service like traditional WebSphere? This is a bit more complicated and I encourage you to check out a colleague’s blog entry on this subject: TRIRIGA and the WAS Liberty Profile that does not want to be a service.

In the end, you need to decide what will best suit your needs. In some rare cases, traditional WebSphere may be the way to go, for example, if your company has a dedicated WebSphere team. But in most cases, Liberty will work best. It’s good to have options and know what the benefits are. To help you understand the benefits, you may want to look at this wiki page: Choose Liberty over Traditional WAS.

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.28.16 post about running Liberty profile as a Windows service, and the 03.15.16 post about the best practice for choosing an application server.]

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