11th Civil Engineer Squadron is first in Air Force to use TRIRIGA

Two systems that have been in use since the 80’s; the Interim Work Information Management System (or IWIMS) and the Automated Civil Engineer System (or ACES), which are now being replaced by the new TRIRIGA system, a much needed transition from old to new according to AFCEC… The old IWIMS system was a standalone system not connected to the internet and customers had no way to access it… Instead of using two outdated systems, TRIRIGA is a single system that allows CES to manage the life cycles of facilities, while increasing operational, financial and environmental performance…

The system is still new to the U.S. Air Force and 11th CES is in the middle of a learning curve. Airmen are learning the system, giving feedback to developers, and teaching the system to other CES offices and facility managers. The change from old to new affects not only CES members, but everyone on base… The impact is immense, but there are still mixed reviews on the change to TRIRIGA. Daryl Blackwell, William A. Jones III Building facility manager, expressed that, like many other new products in the beta phase the system has many kinks and bugs to iron out. Lack of resources are another challenge CES Airmen face, such as mobile devices needed to use the wireless features of TRIRIGA…

Eight months into use at Joint Base Andrews (JBA), TRIRIGA is still very much a learning process, an investment, a bumpy road and a work in progress, but something that Andrews is pioneering for future bases and can take pride in. Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, and McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas, are scheduled to be the next two bases to implement TRIRIGA and AFCEC is slated to have the system at full operating capability for active-duty and Air National Guard units by July 2017.


[Admin: This post is related to the 11.03.15 post about deploying NexGen IT/TRIRIGA at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland.]

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2 thoughts on “11th Civil Engineer Squadron is first in Air Force to use TRIRIGA

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