Why does Support need to know your deployment schedule?

If you have run into an issue while deploying the IBM TRIRIGA application in any of your lower environments (UAT, DEV, TEST), then you may have seen the Support engineer asking questions regarding your deployment window. In truth, we would rather have this information in advance of any production deployment, regardless of whether you have run into an issue that you report to the IBM TRIRIGA Support team.

There are three reasons why it is important to get this information to the TRIRIGA Support team:

  • First, we may know of some potential issues that may crop up during the upgrade process, regardless of whether you are performing an application upgrade versus a platform upgrade.
  • Second, when you have open PMRs with the TRIRIGA Support team, those that could potentially impact your go-live timeline will be viewed with a more critical eye with regard to defects and the versions of either the application or platform. In both of these cases, there is a strong potential for a change in your implementation timeline. In the first case, the potential issues may require you to upgrade to a later release where the problem was resolved. In the second case, you may have identified a previously unknown issue that cannot be resolved with any existing releases and may require a fix pack release to the application and/or platform release to which you are upgrading.
  • The third reason why it is important to know your implementation timeline is to ensure resources are prepared to respond during your production roll out. While the Support team is prepared to respond on a 24/7 basis regardless of any implementation schedules, we need to ensure that development resources are aware and also prepared should a problem occur during your production implementation.

Just as you would rely on your internal resources, the TRIRIGA Support teams are also resources on which you need to rely during your upgrade processes. Keeping us in the loop early on in your process will allow us to work with your implementation team as a single team rather than a separate group with whom you only need to tap when an emergency arises. Our early involvement is meant to prevent such emergencies and make the upgrade process proceed as smoothly as possible…

[Admin: This post is related to the 06.08.16 post about TRIRIGA Support needing your version information.]

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