Getting a failure when trying to process an ETL job item with TDI

After redeploying the TRIRIGA application by using ./ant install-was, our customer can no longer process an ETL job item with Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI). In the log, we have found the following warning:

2016-06-29 16:30:16,035 WARN [com.tririga.platform.workflow.runtime.taskhandler.WFTaskHandlerBase](WFA:127701296 - 127598391 triProcessManual:309624523 IE=309624523) Workflow task handler error while Calling custom task class: com.tririga.platform.workflow.runtime.taskhandler.ETL.RunETL. TaskStep: Custom Task(39) WFTID=19192848.7 TSID=204231 Label='Call Kettle Transformation API' FormulaRecalc='Recalculate as Needed' EventAction='' StepInstance: WFIID=375605519425576 SID=204231 UserEvent=' ' SO=127598391 Results=1 Sum=0 Status='ACTIVE'. Cause: com.tririga.platform.util.locator.LocatorException: Could not find bean of type: class com.tririga.platform.workflow.runtime.taskhandler.ETL.TDIRequest[MID-3376369984]...

The bean “class com.tririga.platform.workflow.runtime.taskhandler.ETL.TDIRequest” (which is used by the workflow custom task) has not been loaded correctly. I’m thinking maybe some classpath settings are missing after “/ant install-was”. Have you seen this kind of issue?

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