How do you customize the Insert Object query in CAD Integrator?

I have a requirement to customize the query which is shown when you insert an object in CAD Integrator. Currently, it shows only the description, but I want to add more fields. I tried playing around with the Report Filter field, but it only seems to affect the Smart Attach functionality. Has anyone done this or do we need a request for enhancement (RFE) to have this functionality?

The query will only control the inclusion or exclusion of objects. One thing you can do is to reconfigure the Name Special field on the mapping of that object to something else. For example, you can create a formula field for the information you want, and update the mapping (e.g. the People Mapping) of the Name Special field to use the formula field, and then the information displayed in CI will always use the formula field. If this is not enough for your needs, then you will need to create an RFE.

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