Why does the DataConnect task throw a stack trace error?

I have a DataConnect (DC) task (triOption) that worked before, but has stopped working and throws a stack trace. The main DC task runs. But this is a sub DC task. The BO is published. I was advised to check if the necessary UOMs (units of measure) are in the staging table.

So my dumb question is: Does it mean every NU (number) that contains a UOM needs a corresponding UOM column? For example, TRISUBTOTALNU, TRISUBTOTALNU_UOM, and TRIRATENU would need TRIRATENU_UOM?

There seems to be a problem with your metadata, and probably not your DC staging table metadata, but maybe with the triOption’s fields metadata. I tried to reproduce this issue and was unable to reproduce it with various numbers and UOM fields. As for your questions…

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