Planon: When should facility managers get involved in BIM?

BIM is widely accepted in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to be a technology and process to provide substantial benefits over the traditional 2D design methods, such as AutoCAD. A model not only provides the benefit of an enhanced 3D graphical representation and the ease of assimilating how the geometric properties work as a whole, but it also provides tools such as clash detection, model walkthroughs and project visualisation. Utilising 4D, 5D and 6D BIM, planning and management, quantity take-offs, costs, lifecycle management and data capture (through the use of strategically installed sensors) can be realised and mapped out even before any plant reaches the building site.

But when should FMs get involved? Should the contractors just design and construct the building as per the client’s initial Employers Information Requirement (EIR) with no ongoing involvement from the people that will have to ultimately manage the building for the next 60+ years? If so, would the design teams make all decisions that may impact the maintenance and ongoing cost of operations? Wouldn’t FMs want to challenge these decisions as early as possible? This leads to the realisation that FMs should be involved and incorporated into the design and construction (D&C) teams right from the initial stages of a project. This will provide FMs the chance to detail their requirements whilst keeping operational maintenance and overall lifecycle costs to a minimum.

FMs should also work closely with their IWMS solution to ensure that the finalised “as built” model can be integrated into the system with minimal alteration. Emphasis should be placed on ensuring data formats are specified at the earliest stage and standardisations created, that if delivered correctly, will meet the framework of the IWMS. This approach could save considerable time and cost at the later stages of a project…

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