Top Ten TRIRIGAFEEDIA posts of June 2016

Yup, it’s that time again! In June 2016, TRIRIGAFEEDIA earned 5751 views from 1738 visitors. Also, this top ten represented 5.1% or 292 of these views. While it might not mean much, this 5.1% was the highest “spike” for any set of top-ten posts so far, wow. Like last time, there was a lot of activity with certification. But this time, the UX activity was led by the UX Lessons, cool. Plus, this was the most popular month in TRIRIGAFEEDIA history! So, here were the top-ten posts of June 2016.

Rank Post Hits
1 *UX Lessons 52
2 Would you drive a Ferrari for a trip to the grocery store? 45
3 How do you earn a professional TRIRIGA certification? 38
4 *What are Perceptive apps? 27
5 Exploring the TRIRIGA user group community 27
6 Why do you see “Max connections reached” errors in WebSphere? 24
7 *What exactly is TRIRIGA UX? 23
8 *What are the new Perceptive apps? 21
9 What are the TRIRIGA training paths to certification? 20
10 Can TRIRIGA send BIRT reports via email? 15
*Technically, a page, not a dated post. But worth ranking.


[Admin: This post appeared first on TRIRIGAFEEDIA. This post is related to the 06.01.16 post about the top-ten posts of May 2016.]

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