How do you attach drawings to a floor as a child of a structure?

If I understand correctly, there isn’t a way out-of-the-box to attach a drawing to a floor record that is a child of a structure. It appears the OOB application definition does not include a CAD mapping to do this. I see an RFE suggesting this.

My question is, has anyone looked at doing this themselves without waiting for an RFE to work its way through the process? If so, what is involved and is it advisable? Our use case is that we have many smaller utility-shed-type buildings that we do not want to include in our real estate roll-up reports, but we need to track square footage at a local level. So we are thinking of using the structure form for all of these small buildings.

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.05.16 post about attaching drawings to floors under structures.]

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