What does “Duplicate message report” in the server log mean?

Every now and then, I get this message in the server log. I have usually just ignored this, but it surely has to mean something. Can anyone shed any light on this?

2016-07-06 11:45:25,050 INFO [com.tririga.platform.error.ErrorHandler](Default Executor-thread-81) Duplicate message report: [MID-1541322524]35, [MID-3649639669]17, [MID-4000880010]17, ... [MID-3309539912]2, [MID-3544381782]2, [MID-3685714008]2. Collection reset

The key to parsing this message are the phrases “Duplicate message report” and “Collection reset”. This particular message is part of the duplicate error message suppression framework we have in the platform. MID’s will only show up once in a time period in the log, to prevent duplicate messages from filling up the log file with the same information over and over again.

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