Getting a failure when installing TRIRIGA 3.5.0 on WebSphere 8.5.5

When installing TRIRIGA 3.5.0 on WebSphere, the deployment of the TRIRIGA application to WebSphere is failing. We are seeing errors in the was-ant.log and the install fails. The errors noted in the was-ant.log are:

  • Incomplete config id: need closing parenthesis in “”.
  • Invalid parameter value “” for parameter “parent config id” on command “create”.
  • Invalid parameter value server1 for parameter serverName for command setJVMProperties.

The deploy scripts default to localhostNode and localhostCell and then change them to the hostname (which is different). To resolve the problem, it was necessary to provide the correct Node and Cell names in the WAS properties page. If you leave the defaults (localhostNode01 and localhostNode01Cell), the deploy scripts will fail. After changing this, the deployer completed cleanly.

The problem seems to be that even if you explicitly specify the node and cell as “localhostNode01” and “localhostNode01Cell” when creating the WAS profile via WAS’s GUI profile wizard tool, or with the shell script, what gets set in the profile is whatever the hostname is (output of the “hostname” command). So “xxx-kdsjd-lapp01Node01” and “xxx-kdsjd-lapp02Node01Cell” are set in the profile.

You can cat (concatenate) this file: /IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/logs/AboutThisProfile.txt and see that the node and host names are not localhost as was used in the create-profile script. So now, running the TRIRIGA installer, you need to specify these values in the WAS properties page. If you leave the defaults localhostNode01 and localhostNode01Cell, the deploy scripts fail, unless of course localhost is the system-recognized hostname (which typically it isn’t).

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