Getting an Oracle connection test failure during install

During install (upgrade to TRIRIGA 3.5.1 on existing Oracle 12c), I noticed that the installer appears to be using a deprecated connection method for testing the data schema.

  • It is using: tridata@jdbc:oracle:thin:@server:1521:tririga
  • Instead of: tridata@jdbc:oracle:thin:@server:1521/tririga (Notice the slash “/” instead of a colon.)

I am getting a connection test failure. But outside the installer, I can manually connect with the username/password without issue. Since my last install, I have moved from Oracle 11g to 12c. Since this change, I have never gone through a TRIRIGA upgrade. Any ideas why my connection test is failing? And if it is because of the colon instead of the slash “/”? How do I work around this inside the installer?

Support for this, and Oracle 12c R2 is tentatively planned for our next release, that is scheduled to come out at the end of this year. Until our next GA release, Oracle 12c with pluggable database (PDB) is not supported and will not work.

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