How do you set FRONT_END_SERVER in the TRIRIGA application?

Customers may encounter the following issues, if the FRONT_END_SERVER property of the TRIRIGA application is not properly set:

  • 1. Application is accessed, but the resources do not load.
  • 2. BIRT reports or Crystal Reports do not render correctly.
  • 3. Gantt charts are not being displayed.

First, check the FRONT_END_SERVER property in these locations: (1) TRIRIGA Admin Console > System Manager > TRIRIGA Web, (2) file. Note that the value should exactly match the URL that is used to go to TRIRIGA in the browser.

Second, if you use something like http:// to go to TRIRIGA, then the FRONT_END_SERVER should be [Admin: This is actually incorrect. The protocol is no longer optional.]

Third, if you use a port to access TRIRIGA, that must be included as well.

[Admin: This post is related to the 12.14.15 post about using the FRONT_END_SERVER setting, and the 07.27.15 post about the FRONT_END_SERVER protocol being a requirement.]

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