How big data and BMS contribute to high-performance goals

From: How Big Data and the Building Management System Contribute to High-Performance Goals, FacilitiesNet

When Apple released the iPhone 2 in 2008, the App Store officially launched along with it. The platform’s introduction of third-party app development and distribution had a game-changing effect, similar to what building owners and managers might expect for building management systems (BMS) with the emergence of big data and the Building Internet of Things (IoT). And this disruption could not have come at a better time. Big data and the Building IoT have leveled the playing field. New players are shifting the way buildings are viewed, similar to how Tesla shifted people’s view on cars, or how the concept of apps transformed cellular phones to “smart” phones. In the building industry, the IoT has opened the door to integrate into millions of devices and systems. Combined with a growing desire to track and trend big data, and use it to achieve sustainability goals, the evolution of BMS is expanding beyond conventional mechanical and electrical building systems.

So what can facility managers do at this turning point within the industry in order to capitalize on the Building IoT and big data? How can they leverage a new way of thinking and operating their systems? Let’s take a step back and first consider the evolution of the BMS…

One indication of the rising importance of energy efficiency is the growth of the LEED certification process… However, a new challenge exists, which is to ensure and verify that LEED certified facilities are still operating at LEED standards…

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