Is there an alternative way to debug custom workflow tasks?

Is there any alternative way to troubleshoot custom tasks in IBM TRIRIGA workflows? We have a need to troubleshoot some custom workflows, but we do not want to use Workflow Instance recording set to ALWAYS, because this can have a big impact on system performance and consume lots of resources.

IBM TRIRIGA has made documentation available on how to have DEBUG class and code incorporated into the IBM TRIRIGA library directory, and then use them on workflows to trace their current status and variable values. The results will be printed out in the server.log file. Note that the documentation is provided “as-is” and it is under under no warranty. We recommend that customers apply it on lower environments (Dev, QA, Test) first to test this out and confirm its effectiveness. The IBM TRIRIGA wiki documentation is: Simple Workflow Logging Custom Task.

[Admin: This post is related to the 04.20.16 post about using a custom task for basic workflow logging.]

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