Why do floor plan graphics disappear after an upgrade?

Let’s say that you are planning an application and platform upgrade for your IBM TRIRIGA installation and you think everything is working just fine. You roll out to production and for the first few days afterwards, all is quiet. Suddenly, out of the blue, you notice that the floor plan graphics no longer render. Where the graphics should appear, you do not see the “No Graphic Available” message either.

What you do see is that, in the lower right hand corner, “Error 2” is displayed and the rest of the space where the graphic would normally appear is blank. This blog post will address one of the potential causes of this problem and also a means of finding the problem before you upgrade your production environment.

In order to determine the root cause, we need to know what errors are referenced in that “Error 2” text in the graphics section. Clicking on the text will open a popup box that contains the actual error messages (2, hence the “Error 2”) related to the issue. That alone will not help the Support team diagnose the problem. The errors should indicate an MID number. That MID number should also be found in the server log with a time stamp associated with when the graphic should have been rendered.

In an issue I was working for a client, we determined from that information that there was a problem with the graphic layer configuration records. In particular, they were missing their corresponding IBS_SPEC entries. This required removing the records from the database by using SQL run against the database back-end. The application was unable to delete the records, because it relies heavily on the IBS_SPEC table entries to perform the actions necessary to delete the records. Once the records were removed and the layer configuration records were rebuilt, the graphics once again started to display.

Great, that fixed the immediate problem, but how do you prevent this from happening in the future? When planning your upgrade, you need to insure that all graphical functionality is tested before making the decision to roll out the upgrade to your production environment. Upgrade plans should always include CAD Integrator testing…

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