How do you concatenate the values of two text fields?

I have a requirement to concatenate the values of two text fields into a new field. For example, Field A has a value of “1000”, and the Field B has a value of “Hallway”. I would like to concatenate those two values into a Field C as “1000 Hallway”. Note the space in between “1000” and “Hallway”. I’m thinking I would have to create a workflow to concatenate upon OnChange. Any suggestions?

If your goal is to have the form refresh immediately when someone modifies either Field A or Field B, an OnChange workflow with a Modify task that has a string formula will solve your issue. Your formula would look like this:

  • Formula Inputs: A = Field A, B = Field B
  • Formula: A + ‘ ‘ + B

You can append static text by adding a string within quotes. This will give your final value with the space you want.

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