How do you assign different space classes to layers in CI?

Does CAD Integrator (CI) allow for selecting different layers and assigning a different Current Use Space Class? I have a CAD drawing with several layers: Assigned, Circulation, Mechanical, and Electrical. Do I have to upload each layer separately with its own boundary and name? It seems I can only assign one Current Use Space Class for one layer only.

I’m not sure exactly what your use case is, but I’ll try to explain:

  • 1) The intent of the Current Use Space Class layer is that if you happen to have the space class name on a particular layer, you can specify that layer name so that a boundary with “Assigned” text on that layer inside it will automatically map the space class. This assumes all the spaces are on a single “boundary” layer.
  • 2) If the “Assigned”, “Circulation”, etc., are layers that represent the boundaries themselves, you can simply use Smart Attach multiple times.
  • 3) Note that you can also upload all the spaces as a single space class, but then use the Batch Edit command in order to change the space class after upload.

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