How do you change the accounting end date for a lease?

I am a newbie to TRIRIGA, so this may seem a very basic question. But how is the Accounting End Date changed? Here is the scenario. We have a lease with the original expiration date of 31/03/2016. However, under the terms of the lease, this can be extended on a yearly basis, so we would like this now to end 31/03/2017. We can amend the Base Lease Expiration Date. However, this does not update the Accounting End Date, which still shows as 31/03/2016.

While the lease record is in “Draft”, the Accounting End Date is editable on the Accounting tab. That field becomes read-only when the lease is “Active”, but it can be changed by doing a “Review Assumptions”. Then you will see the field as editable on the form that pops up. When submitting, it writes back to the Accounting End Date on the Accounting tab and processes accordingly. That is the simplest way to change the Accounting End Date.

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