Planon: What use cases will bring great value to IoT in RE/FM?

The Internet of Things (IoT)… IoT has many applications in all kinds of businesses and industries. We, as an IWMS vendor, concentrate on buildings and people, the two key factors for Real Estate and Facilities Management (RE/FM). In addressing the IoT opportunities for our clients, one basic challenge we see is to provide new IoT solutions which are affordable and manageable for buildings. We can talk about great applications but when the technology behind it is complex and expensive, the great story will remain but implementation will fall behind.

This is why four “values” are driving the development of our next-generation IoT solutions: Simplicity, Scalability, Security and Speed.

Working on adoption is great, but at the core of IoT for Real Estate and FM lies the question: “What is the value”? In other words: “What use cases will bring great value”?… As they say: “There is no time like the present”, so let’s talk about applications. To start it off, I would like to start from perhaps an unexpected angle: IoT infrastructures are made of devices of many types which communicate and share their data. So, imagine a building fitted out with all types of sensors, smart meters and so on that capture and communicate data. Applications will tap into this data and use it to create valuable use cases.

Now, what would happen should one or some of these devices fail? The applications that are dependent on their data will either stop or render unreliable results, destroying not only their valued contribution, but also people’s trust in the accuracy and reliability of the whole system. In Real Estate and Facilities Management, we have known for a long time that installing new things is not difficult. Making sure they keep on working through their full life cycle is, however, no simple task and lies at the heart of the business of maintenance, and hence, our IWMS. This is why we enable IoT infrastructures to underpin our asset management. Just like any other building-related asset…

In other words, at Planon, we view IoT infrastructures and the devices in them as yet another class of assets…

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