UX: How do you populate and save the data source UOM values?

I’ve defined my UX app like this:

  • Data Source Type: UOM
  • Business Object: UOM_values (UOM_values)
  • Module: System
  • UOM Type Name: Currency
  • Legacy Form: UOM_values (UOM_values)
  • Fields: _UOM_Value (Data Type: String)

My HTML code is like this:

<triplat-ds name=”currencyType” data=”{{_currencyType}}”></triplat-ds>
floating-label label=”Units *”

My JavaScript is like this:

_onSaveTap: function() { this.$.generalDs.updateRecord().then(function() { this.$.toast.show(); }.bind(this)); }

Is there anything else required in order to populate and save the values? I want to display all options like a list and be able to save the selected currency. I can already click and display them like a list, but the first value doesn’t show up. If I do an inspect element, I can see my value fine.

If I understand your question, there are two parts to it:

  • 1) Populate UOM values similar to a list using triplat-select-input: This component was not designed to display UOM values. However, you should still be able to populate it from a UOM data source. For further filtering, you can use the filtered-data property and triplat-query-filter on the client.
  • 2) Save UOM value via a UX application: We do not provide the ability to persist or change a UOM value via the application yet. At present, we only support displaying a UOM value through the triplat-uom component.

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