What does TRIRIGA Support mean when they say “As Delivered”?

Have you ever had an IBM TRIRIGA L2 Support person say something like “I cannot recreate the problem in the ‘As Delivered’ environment”? Have you ever wondered what “As Delivered” really means?…

Suppose you have a problem with your application and you know that your base version is 10.3. You may have customized the application, but the basis of that customization was the 10.3 application version. Based on this scenario, the L2 Engineer would test with an environment that is on the 10.3 application AND the 3.3 platform. This is what we mean when we say “As Delivered”. The installer for the 10.3/3.3 IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform when installing a new environment would result in an “As Delivered” 10.3/3.3 environment.

In you environment, you may have a 10.3 application, but you may have a 3.4 (or later) platform. If we could not replicate the problem in an “As Delivered” 10.3/3.3 environment, we would then check to see if we can replicate the problem in an “As Delivered” 10.4/3.4 environment. If we cannot replicate the problem in that environment, that would be a strong indicator that the problem may have been resolved in the 10.4 application code. If we can replicate the problem in that 10.4/3.4 As Delivered environment, then it is possible that the platform code introduced the problem…

[Admin: Another similar and possibly more-common phrase is “out of the box” (OOTB) or “out of box” (OOB). ^_^]

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